About Willowbrook Homes

In 1993, master builder Cecil Jenkinson decided that he would rather build a few exceptional homes than many unremarkable ones. He founded Willowbrook Homes to provide an honest, ethical, personal service to people demanding an uncommon home, uncompromised in quality of design or craft.

With over 20 years of experience in the luxury custom home business, we work with all of our customers to make their custom homes come to life. No two homes are alike: each is a distinct, personal reflection of the owner’s vision, and a testament to our commitment to our craft.

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Willowbrook Homes is an award winning custom home builder. The team has earned the Golden Hammer Award and Distinguished Builders Medallion by The Alberta New Home Warranty Program.

With access to custom materials, fixtures, fittings, and appliances, Willowbrook Homes ensures that no two houses are the same. Fully customize any aspect of your home: you choose it, we build it.


With the highest quality materials, superior fixtures, uncompromising design and tried-and-true craftsmanship, we promise to make your vision a reality.

Before we build any home, we build a relationship.

If you choose to build with Willowbrook we will ask your family to share your ideas, thoughts and sketches – and we will share ours with you. When we feel we know and understand each other we will begin to design and plan together in a spirit of true partnership that extends to the last finishing detail and beyond.

"We build every home as if it were for our own family."

- Willowbrook Homes

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Head Office
6990 Christie Estates Blvd. SW
Calgary, AB T3H 2S4
Office: (403) 242-8224

Email Willowbrook at info@willowbrookhomes.ca for General Inquiries.