The Willowbrook Process For Custom Home Development

Step One

Lot Selection

You will meet with a Willowbrook Homes Specialist to help you pick a lot or complete an assessment on one you already own. We can help you spot any construction concerns or added costs that should be considered before you build.

Step Two

Project Discussion

You may already have some plans in mind or an idea of the approximate size of home you are considering. We will meet with you and, taking into consideration your specifications and work to determine the budget. This is our simple formula: Design + Specifications = Budget. At this time we also discuss some of the other elements that should be considered for your land: septic fields, roads, wells, and possible retaining walls.

Step Three


We work with the best designers in the Calgary area and have developed internal processes to help control design costs and keep changes to a minimum. We create a preliminary to scale plan that is very easy to change while also allowing us to estimate a more accurate cost for your home.

Step Four


Once the preliminary plan is created, this is the step where we work with you to review any adjustments to either the design or the specifications to ensuring we meet your budget..

Step Five

Contract Pricing

Once your preliminary design plans, specifications, and budget are approved we will draft the updated working design drawings. With these drawings we will be able to determine final pricing and select our trades and suppliers. This may take 2-3 weeks to complete.

Step Six

Construction Agreement

We will sign your formal construction agreement with the finalized pricing and specifications

Step Seven

Architectural Controls

If we are building your home in an area or new development location, that requires architectural specifications, we will aid with submitting all the required plans for final development approval.

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We work with the best designers in the Calgary area and have developed internal processes to help control design costs.

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